Booted up and Online

Hello out there from internet land. How does the ash taste? Did you get enough hard radiation today? Is your food ok? It was made 100% recycled material.

Be careful what you type here in this field of 1 and 0, they can always listen in. But that’s why you’re here isn’t it?

This is Year Zero for me and you out here. As basic as this little site is, this is something that will hopefully grow as time goes on. When you look up ‘cyberpunk’ online and delve down forums and lists of dead links and try and define what cyberpunk is you might as well ask What is God? It’s a philosophy to some, a genre of fiction and music to others, a fashion statement, or simply A Way to Be. And damn do I love that.

My name is Steven J. Matos, editor of this bit of cyberspace beaming down your eye holes right now. I want your slice of Cyberpunk. Tell me the stories. We are Online and taking submissions. Stay tuned, kids.


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