no rest for our kind


Hello L0W L1V35, how are you? Sleeping well? I don’t. Ever. Above is a slice of life portrayal of your editor hard at work.

Everything has been going VERY well with the zine and DAMN am I glad for all of you. I need TWO MORE stories to get this thing rolling. I may have to start without them if I don’t get them a certain time, but damn would I love to have em. KEEP THEM COMING! Going to have to relearn InDesign and ask a nurse friend to hook me up to a IV of coffee while I’m at it.

Our kind don’t sleep. We know that. Keep on creating, writing, and be good to each other and yourself. We beat ourselves up so much for many things, some of it good some of it stupid bullshit. Just keep on going L0W L1V35. All us Scum has is each other.




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