Conditions of use

This is where all the legal stuff is. I’m going to try and make this as clear as possible for everyone (including myself).


L0W L1F3 magazine claims First World Electronic Rights (for the PDF copy) and First Print Rights (for the mag here in meat space) on published stories. That’s it.

What does this mean for you, the writer?

L0W l1F3 is asking for the right to be the FIRST to print your story. WE DO NOT ask for exclusive rights to it. That is your story ya got there. All we are asking is the right to be the first to publish it ANYWHERE.

IF L0W L1F3 publishes an anthology collection, and your rocking piece gets selected for it, WE WILL PAY YOU for the right to publish it again so long as the rights for the story remain non-exclusive.


L0W L1F3 claims Exclusive Rights to any article of non-fiction we publish for one (1) month after publication. After that time the article is free to appear elsewhere.


Our rights are restricted to the covers and whatever art appears in the magazine itself. That’s it.