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Hello L0W L1V35, how are you? It’s been awhile and I have read some amazing work and now we must rest. Empty out the ashtray. Recycle those empty liquor bottles. Put your stash back under that little nook under the floorboards you thought I didn’t know about. Why don’t go outside and get some fresh-pollution in your lungs? Now, we rest.

Thank you EVERYONE who  submitted or who gave me amazing support for this little dirty zine. I’m currently working to get my paypal online so everyone can get their cash. YOU WILL BE PAYED. Just give me a little more time. I’m also going to be banging my head against a keyboard relearning Indesign and the basics of design in general. My work is just starting starting, but man do  I miss it.

Stay tuned L0W L1V35.

no rest for our kind


Hello L0W L1V35, how are you? Sleeping well? I don’t. Ever. Above is a slice of life portrayal of your editor hard at work.

Everything has been going VERY well with the zine and DAMN am I glad for all of you. I need TWO MORE stories to get this thing rolling. I may have to start without them if I don’t get them a certain time, but damn would I love to have em. KEEP THEM COMING! Going to have to relearn InDesign and ask a nurse friend to hook me up to a IV of coffee while I’m at it.

Our kind don’t sleep. We know that. Keep on creating, writing, and be good to each other and yourself. We beat ourselves up so much for many things, some of it good some of it stupid bullshit. Just keep on going L0W L1V35. All us Scum has is each other.



We are operational again


Hello L0W L1V35, I’ve missed you. I touched down in the toxic fields of my Homeland, setting up shop, breathing through a respirator as I fend off predators, and hoping a blowout doesn’t happen while I’m typing. I’ve missed this place.

Duotrope is live and so am I. I’ll be scanning for submissions and talking to Scum like you. Join the Facebook group here to talk with other artists, writers, creators, and general Scum. I also regularly update it with L0W L1F3 news and its the best place to just stop by and say hi! I’m going to fiddle around with Twitter as well because, well, I want to hear what comes out of your head in 140 characters or less.

The Move


Hello L0W L1V35 how are you? Been awhile and I am sorry for that. Right now I’m preparing for The Move cross country back to my ancestral lands (New Jersey), and haven’t been able to put 100% of my caffeine addled brain into expanding the mag. The move should be over by the end of this week and I’ll be hopefully set up enough to start expanding and finding places to mine for submissions and meet more amazing Scum like you. There aren’t a lot of us, but there never is when things first start is there?

I’m thinking of caving a paying Duotrope to use their site for submissions. I remember the day when it was supported by donations. Don’t know what its like now on the inside but I’ll let you know if its worth it. I’ve picked out the covers for Issue 1 and the future issue 2 and I’m very excited for them! the artists are very cool guys and I can’t wait to open up L0W L1F3 with their work. Thank you. You know who you are and I’ll give you guys a proper shout-out when the issues are out.

The beatings will continue soon, I promise. And hopefully my moral will improve. Be careful out there L0W L1V35. I’ll talk to you soon.

Spreading the joy


Hello L0W L1V35, how are you? Nothing to report from my scummy end of the web. Spreading the word of the mag is slow, but people seem to like and really dig the vibe. I am about nothing if not Vibes.

If you’re reading this, spread the word that you were  here. Spreading the word goes along way to keeping this alive. Don’t be ashamed. We all go down holes in the internet sometimes. The least you could do is spread the joy. You are vaccinated right? No I don’t have a Digital STD. Just ignore the itching, baby, and come closer…

This rag will most likely be printed and sold through Magcloud.com until a better site presents itself or I upgrade this site to hold an online shop.

I’ll be around. Hang in there L0W L1V35.