Submission guidelines

Fiction Submission Guidelines

Word Limit: 2,000-8,000 words
Pay Rate: $20 via paypal
Genre:  ‘Cyberpunk’ is such a broad genre that nailing down what it actually is can be tricky. I want YOU to give me your most original take on it. I don’t want a copy-paste of Neuromancer, but a world of your own creation. Originality and creativity are the two things I’m looking for the most. 



L0W L1F3: The Political Issue is looking for speculative cyberpunk fiction focusing on the political systems of the present and future, dystopian cyberpunk fiction satirical fiction, thoughtful nonfiction pertaining to the worlds changing political climate (for we live in interesting time), and most importantly, hope.


Submissions should be sent to within the body of an e-mail along with your name, e-mail address, cover letter, and anything else you think we should know. All stories should be in standard manuscript format. We will try and get back to you as soon as we can.


Non-Fiction Submission Guidelines

Pay Rate: $20 via paypal

We are interested in articles that would be of interest to the cyberpunk/tech community. This can include places, people, things, or events but if you are to do exclusively an interview tell us ahead of time with a detailed explanation of who this person is.

Please do not send completed articles. Instead send a query letter with the subject header NONFICTION QUERY: [title or concept] to  We will generally only respond to queries we wish to follow-up on. A follow-up email should not be taken as a guarantee of publication.

Art Submission Guidelines

Pay Rate: $50 via paypal

Every issue  will feature a single work of art that will serve as our cover. Remember, cyberpunk does not have to look like cyberpunk.  All who are interested should e-mail a URL link to to there online gallery or portfolio.